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Policies (the boring stuff):
  • Paypal only please, please include in your message what you bought and your LJ username
  • I can reject to sell to anyone even if its a dumb reason or not reason at all (probably won't do this but just in case)
  • I will only sell to those on pokemoncollectors or digimoncollect and certain people on Deviantart
  • Please be specific in your orders, include your zipcode or country (I do ship internationally) so i can calculate shipping costs
  • Total price includes item cost, shipping and handling, packaging, and paypal fee
  • Haggling is allowed.
  • Ask if you can't see a picture clearly ^^
  • Ask about the conditions of the items if they are not stated,  I will not be held responsible if you do not ask about the conditions and you are unsatisfied because you did not ask me about the item before you buy it.
  • If there are any problems with your package (Only these: Missing Items or broken items due to poor packaging) so i can address these issues. Once the package leaves my hands at the post office I will not be held liable for anything else except for the above mentioned. Buying from my sotre means to agree with my terms and conditions.

$2.50 Gabumon Friend's Plush (Condition is fine except for his strips are loose, which is fixable)
$5.00 Garurumon Kids Figure

$8.00 Gaomon Figure (Beautiful figure, full 3D color figure, highly detailed, small mark on chest)
$0.25 Dot Gaomon PVC Figure
$4.00 Lobomon Game Figure

$8.00 Clear Gaomon Figure
$8.00 Clear RizeGreymon Figure
$8.00 Clear Gaogamon Figure
$8.00 Clear Machgaogamon Figure
$8.00 Machgaogamon Figure (Not pictured, but 3D full color figure of the clear machgaogamon figure, like the gaomon figure)

$5.00 Custom Gaomon Cell Phone Strap
$5.00 Custom Gaomon Clay Keychain
$4.00 Naruto Keychain (another view)
$7.00 Totoro 2007 Planner (Brand new, beautiful picture and very cute)
$5.00 Gaogamon Display Figure (Figure and Display box is brand new)
$2.00 SOS Brigade Button

$3.00 Iruka Sensei Cell Strap (Brand new and comes with all inserts)
$1.00 Giroro Keychain
$3.00 Keroro Totem Set
$3.00 Giroro Totem Set
$1.00 Tamama Keychain
(or buy all Keroro figures for $6.00)

$0.25 per card

4 FREE CARDS OF YOUR CHOICE FOR EVERY PURCHASE ABOVE $5.00 not including shipping costs
(Ex: $5.00 = 4 cards; $10.00 = 8 cards; and so on)



Dec. 1st, 2010 10:34 pm (UTC)
Hey sure. This is the non-clear one correct? What is your zipcode or country? Also did you want any free cards to go with it?

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